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By creating an account on our website, it lets us provide you with personalized information about you children's soccer experience and also make registration much easier (you enter your information once). We will never provide your information with any third party (except for the Mebane Recreation Department).

If you already have a parent account, PLEASE DON'T CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT! This just makes more work for us. Use the password reset tool if you have forgotten your password. If you can't remember the email address you used, or can no longer access that email account to get your new password, PLEASE email us your current email address and we'll get you back into your old account. If you remember your password, but have a new email account, login with your old email address and password, then click 'Your Profile' and change your email address there.

Avoid the SPAM Trap! Please be sure to add '' as an acceptable domain or add '[email protected]', '[email protected]', and your coach and manager's email, once you know them, to your ISP address book/whitelist to help ensure our emails get delivered! This is especially important for AOL and Earthlink users! Many of our emails are blocked by 'opt-in' SPAM filters people use that require them to add us before our emails get delivered. Otherwise you may not get team assignment notices, coach emails, weather alerts, passwords for new accounts, etc. An even better option is to start using Gmail for email (It's free!). They handle SPAM fighting in a much more sensible way and we have no issues getting email to accounts they run. Plus you'll have a permanent email address that goes with you even if you change ISPs.

You do NOT need to enter any information about your children here - you'll do that later.

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The MYSA can now send SMS text alerts to parents about the weather, cancellations, team and league announcements, score updates, and more. By enabling this feature, you are giving the MYSA permission to send messages to your phone. Note there may be associated charges from your wireless carrier for this. So please set the limits appropriately to ensure you do not encur excessive charges. Only your child's coach, team manager, and certain league officials can access this feature. We will soon be providing parents with an option screen allowing you to select the type of alerts you wish to receive.
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